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by Vern Graner

  • Welcome Nuts and Volts Readers! :) I want to thank Jon Williams (of Parallax fame) for the nice mention in the December issue. For those of you who might be interested in finding neat ways to use the Rogue Robotics uMp3 player, try this link to take you directly to my uMP3 haunt sound controller demo project. My other Basic Stamp projects, photos of my haunt (spiders preyground) and the activities surrounding it, are all in the list below--VLG

Welcome to the Spiders Preyground Project page! This page will be updated as I add new how-to's and behind the scenes descriptions of my haunted, scary projects. There are "how-to's" and plenty of photographs on creating haunted props, microcontroller based haunt controllers (mostly using the Parallax Basic Stamp series of microprocessors) and various other projects that deal with the Haunted Attraction industry. Though I have not (as of yet) created a commercial haunted attraction, I hope to do so in 2006. In fact, we are actively seeking a partner to sponsor (and benefit from) the Spiders Preyground 2006. If you have a charity organization (or know of one) in Austin, Texas that would like to put on a Haunted Fundraiser, contact me at In the meantime, please feel free to browse the projects and let me know if you have any questions. I would like to thank ParallaxEFX and Rogue Robotics for making fine products that are fun to use. Thanks guys! :).
11-09-2005 Video The Spiders Preyground 2005 Video
Windows Media Low res (~10m) and Hi Res (~20m) and Real Player version (~9m)
11-02-2005 Pictures Pictures from the 2005 Haunt both pre and post Halloween
10-16-2005 Pictures The LED Eyes Make and Take (while we were at the hospital!)
10-16-2005 Pictures Kym after M&T disaster NOTE: Graphic!!
8-27-2005 How To Rogue Robotics uMP3 Haunt Sound demo
6-29-2005 Video Clip The Haunted Cabin Award Winning Centerpiece
6-28-2005 Pictures Ironstock 2005 Preliminary Pictures
6-21-2005 Pictures STB production interview pics
6-18-2005 2005 Haunt Definition Docs
6-18-2005 Previous MUGBBS haunt site
6-17-2005 Video Clip Decontamination Chamber Video Download WMV or download RP
6-17-2005 Pictures Decontamination Chamber Haunt Control board
4-29-2005 How To My Parallax Prop-1 Project Page
4-20-2005 Pictures Pictures from Hauntcon 2005 in Dallas
2-28-2005 Video Clip Spiders Preyground 2004 Award Wining video
Coral Cached WMV video Download
1-16-2005 How To Pill Bottle Prop Trigger Project Page
12-28-2004 Video Clip Spiders Preyground 2004 Award Wining video
WMV (27m) Download or Stream Real Media Format (35m) Download or Stream
11-02-2004 Video Clip Spiders Preyground 2004 Video Shorts
Beautiful Screams, the Giant Spider, and a Divx to view)

10-17-2004 Pictures My Dungeon Keeper in a Toe Pincher
10-10-2004 Pictures My Giant Spider build
09-28-2004 Pictures My Trash Can Trauma
09-07-2004 Pictures My Toe Pincher Coffin build

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